Call of Duty: Vanguard Season One brings some new content to Zombies. The update includes fixes and the addition of a new mode, weapons, and Covenants. The new objective, called Purge, requires you to eliminate the “Augmentors” or aethereal worms that power Kortifex.

In simple terms, you teleport a location where your mission is to capture nine Control Runes within the given timeframe. The two-minute timer starts shortly after you spawn. The Control Runes are carvings on the ground, which you can secure by simply standing on them for a short duration.

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While completing the Purge objective, you will have to take care of the Zombies which spawn continuously. If you are unable to capture all the Runes within time, you will have to kill a specific number of Zombies to win.

After the Season One update, the total number of objectives in Vanguard Zombies is four. Besides Purge, the other objectives are—Harvest, Blitz, Transmit, and Exfil. You can progress through difficulty levels or rounds by completing any of these objectives except Exfil.

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