Horizon Forbidden West is set to arrive on Feb. 18, 2022, and players will need to know everything about the previous game before starting the journey as Aloy. Horizon Zero Dawn ended with Aloy defeating HADES, but fans were left on a cliffhanger as Sylens captured the AI’s energy in the last cutscene. Project Zero Dawn will be a massive part of the story in Horizon Forbidden West, so here’s what new players need to know about this survival protocol.

Project Zero Dawn was a code referring to a radical protocol created by Dr. Elisabet Sobeck before the events of Horizon Zero Dawn. It was designed to restore the balance on Earth after the civilization was exterminated by the Faro Plague. GAIA, one of the strongest artificial intelligence systems in Zero Dawn, supervised operations and had a chain of nine sub-AI systems.

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All of the AI’s in Project Zero Dawn are named after Greek and Roman deities: GAIA, AETHER, APPOLO, ARTEMIS, DEMETER, ELUTHIA, HADES, HEPHESTUS, MINERVA, and POSEIDON. GAIA built numerous underground Cauldrons to create machines. These machines were used to restore the Earth’s biosphere by harvesting and reintroducing life. 

Project Zero Dawn was created to rehabilitate and terraform the Earth after the Faro Plague. It functioned through chains of underground bunkers that automatically worked to restore and rejuvenate the ecosystem. Players will discover more about these AI’s while exploring the map in Forbidden West!

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