With its fluid and fast-paced combat, Project Warlock is a Doom clone that does the genre justice. It is being developed by Buckshot Software and published by Retrovibe. The game is filled with gore, magic, guns, demons, and everything you’d expect in a game of this kind, but it seems to have been made with today’s technological standards in mind.

Everything we know about Project Warlock 2

The story of Project Warlock II continues directly after the first game’s events. The three Warlocks, Palmer, Urd, and Kirsten, all have their own unique skills, perks, weapons, magic skills to unlock, and personal reasons to confront their old master.

A total of three chapters contain six levels, but each level can take an hour and more should come over time.

What is the release date for Project Warlock 2

Project Warlock 2 has not yet revealed when the full release date is, but it is out on Early Access already.

What platforms will Project Warlock 2 be on?

Project Warlock 2 is out for PC in multiple different storefronts. All release storefronts are listed below:

  • Steam
  • GoG
  • Epic Games Store

Project Warlock 2 Trailer

The most recent trailer for Project Warlock is from IGN Expo 2022. The trailer showcased some very fast-paced gameplay of the player killing multiple enemies with ease.

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