For math lovers, the globally popular game Wordle may not be the ideal way to spend a few minutes daily. Instead of Wordle, math geeks should check out Primel, a number-guessing game that challenges a player’s knowledge of prime numbers.

What is Primel? About the Game

Primel is a prime number guessing-number game made by DL Miller in 2022. Miller used inspiration from Wordle, a prime number list from the University of Tennessee at Martin, and a Wordle clone created by Hannah Park. Like Wordle, players have multiple guesses at a mystery term that gives them hints along the way. Instead of a mystery word, players are challenged to find a five-digit prime number.

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How to Play Primel

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As long as you have a good grasp on prime numbers, Primel is pretty simple to play. Simply choose a five-digit prime number to start with. Depending on how accurate your word is compared to the day’s correct prime number, you’ll get a series of green and yellow tiles. Green tiles mean the number there is in its correct space. If you get a yellow tile, you have the correct number, but it belongs in a different space. You’ll get six chances to guess the correct number.

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