In FIFA 23, fans will get to enjoy the popular Career Mode as a manager or as a player. You can choose an existing player or even create a new player to enjoy the Player Career Mode which focuses on a fresh journey. FIFA 23 will have several new features for this intriguing game mode, and one of them includes the new Personality system. Player Career Personality gives a realistic connection for fans to their player in-game. The decisions you make on and off the pitch will impact the direction of your Player Career in FIFA 23. So, if you are looking to know more about this feature, we have you covered. Here’s everything to know about Personality traits on Player Career Mode in FIFA 23.

What are the Personality traits in FIFA 23 Player Career Mode?

Personality traits are factors that define your player’s qualities in FIFA 23. Even the smallest action has a lot of impact. For instance, choosing to shoot or pass it in a specific situation decides which direction your Personality will lean towards. Some of the new features in the game include the decisions you make off the pitch, and this impacts your player’s journey. There are three different Personality types in FIFA 23, Maverick, Heartbeat, and Virtuoso. Each of these types represents a unique class of playstyle and development. 

Mavericks are the ultimate opportunists who look for glory at every chance. These players are exceedingly skillful, and oftentimes make a difference in the match with their individual proficiency. Virtuoso are intelligent and highly-skilled players that rely on their technical efficiency. They can turn the tide of any match with their spontaneous skillfulness. Heartbeat-type players are those who are at the epicenter of the team. These players read the game better than most and link up the play to bring out moments of collective brilliance. 

The choices you make off the pitch will involve aspects like Investments, Shopping, and Decisions. For example, you will be able to invest in Cloth Branding, Microfinance, Sports Equipment, and Phone App. You can even commit to improving by performing various decisions like visiting an injured teammate at the hospital, reading a book by a club legend, speaking to the fans, purchasing a sports car, and more. These activities will grant certain Personality type points that contribute to unlocking specific attributes in FIFA 23.

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