Outpost Rush is a PvP match type that is available only for players who reached level 60 in New World. It relies on capturing and defending outposts on the road to a victory. 20 players will battle another 20 players, and may the better team win.

After you reach level 60 in the game you will be able to enter Outpost Rush mode and you will need to approach a faction NPC located in the settlement.

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After starting the activity you will be put in the queue, and when teammates and opponents are found you will teleport to a separate island in order to start the Outpost Rush.

Outposts on the Map

When all the players are found the two teams will be formed. Every team starts at their home forts. On the map between the forts there are three outposts:

  • Star Outpost – located in the north of the map
  • Sol Outpost – located in the center of the map
  • Luna Outpost – located in the south of the map

Both of the teams try to capture the outposts. Holding onto captured outposts and slaying enemies will grant your team points. The first team to reach 1000 points win the Outpost Rush.

Special Objectives

There are also additional objectives on the map. You can defeat Baroness Hain to receive a health regen buff for your team. Respawn time is 10 minutes. You can also spend resources in order to build Turret Emplacements, they are a great defense mechanic.

Players can also take on Corrupted Portals and defeat enemies there. You will gain Azoth Essence, and then spend 500 of that essence in order to spawn Corrupted enemies to mess with the opposing team.

You are able to win rewards such as cosmetics, rare items, and rare armor.

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