Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world, so when a new game is announced with the Minecraft name, it’s sure to turn heads. That’s the case with Minecraft Legends, a new action/strategy game from Mojang, Xbox Game Studios, and Blackbird Interactive.

Everything we know about Minecraft Legends

Minecraft Legends appears to be a strategy game telling the story of a Hoglin invasion into the Overworld. The Player must unite the Overworld, Zombies, Creepers, Villagers and all to fight off the Hoglin invasion in an action strategy game based in the Minecraft world.

Is Minecraft Legends a Minecraft Prequel?

Based on what we see now, it could be likely that this game tells the story of why there’s so many ruined portals in the Overworld, and why the Hoglins in the Nether hate the player so much (if you’re not wearing Gold armor that is).

What is the release date for Minecraft Legends?

Minecraft Legends is scheduled for a 2023 release, although no set date has been given. 

What Platforms will Minecraft Legends be on?

Minecraft Legends will launch on multiple platforms, which are listed below

  • Nintendo Switch
  • PC (PC Game Pass, Windows, Steam)
  • PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S (Xbox Game Pass)

Minecraft Legends trailer

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