Meet Your Maker is the next title from Behavior Interactive, the team behind Dead By Daylight. While some horror aspects certainly exist, Meet Your Maker enters a different genre than Behavior Interactive’s previous title. But fans can expect the same level of creativity to be present in this upcoming title.

Everything we know about Meet Your Maker

Meet Your Maker combines puzzle solving, first-person shooter, platforming, and more to create a unique experience. In addition to all this, players will also be able to create and share levels. Check below for everything we know about Meet Your Maker.

What is the release date for Meet Your Maker?

Meet Your Maker is scheduled to release in 2023 for multiple platforms. Ahead of this, Behavior Interactive is holding a closed playtest on August 23, 2022. You can follow the official Meet Your Maker Twitter for more information and updates.

What platforms will Meet Your Maker be on?

Meet Your Maker will be available to play on multiple platforms. Here is where you can play Meet Your Maker when it releases.

  • PC (Steam)
  • PS4
  • PS5
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S

How to sign up for the Meet Your Maker playtest?

To sign up for the playtest for Meet Your Maker, go to the official Meet Your Maker website. Click on the Sign Up For The Playtest button in the top-right corner of the screen. You will need an account in order to sign up. Follow the prompts and answer the questionnaire, and you will be officially signed up. The playtest is exclusively for players on Steam.

Meet Your Maker Gameplay

Meet Your Maker combines familiar FPS gameplay with puzzle solving and platforming. Players will build their outpost and try to make it impenetrable to other players who are trying to raid them. At the same time, you must raid other players to gather Genmat and progress. You will need to overcome other players’ creations while ensuring yours is unbeatable.

Is there co-op/multiplayer in Meet Your Maker

You can build and raid with one other player in Meet Your Maker. This allows you to combine your creative forces to build an unreachable fortress while working together to conquer other players. Meet Your Maker will support teams of two in both defensive and offensive play.

Meet Your Maker Trailer

Meet Your Maker was revealed during Behavior Interactive’s live stream on August 3, 2022. You can view the Behavior Beyond live stream for Meet Your Maker on the developer’s YouTube Channel and the reveal trailer on the Meet Your Maker channel.

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