In Apex Legends, players can increase their account level by playing various game modes regularly. A new level cap is coming to the game in Season 14 which will increase the maximum account level throughout. Earlier, players could only progress to level 500, after which the account leveling would stop. However, the developers informed that this feature will be reworked in Apex Legends Hunted, allowing players to rise to new heights in the game.

When is the new level cap coming in Apex Legends?

The new account level cap is coming with Apex Legends Season 14 on August 9, 2022. Players stuck at level 500 will get a chance to go beyond the boundary up to level 2,000. In an exclusive interview with TheGamer, the developers revealed more about the prestige system that’s coming for account progression in Apex Legends. Players will get to earn more than 500 Apex Packs while progressing to account level 2,000.

Like badges and trackers, account level primarily reflects a player’s dedication and achievements in the game. You can add the account level badge to your profile which shows up every time players queue in for a new match. Grinding till level 2,000 will become a primary goal for the majority as it will increase the chances of getting heirloom shards from Apex Packs.

Along with this, players will also get to see the Reforged Kings Canyon map arriving next season with several changes. The fan-favorite POI Skull Town is not coming, instead, a new POI named Relic will be added. This new POI will definitely remind fans of Skull Town as its design resembles the iconic location from previous seasons. Players will also get to unlock the new Legend, Vantage. Classified as a Sniper Savant, this new Legend is set to take over the game with her versatile abilities.

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