Terraria’s open world is a dangerous place, where monsters, the undead, bosses, and more roam the land. But once you’ve mastered Classic Mode, and Expert Mode, you’ll need a new challenge. That’s where Master Mode comes in.

Master Mode is the most challenging game mode in Terraria. It’s a super-hard difficulty only for the most advanced and skilled Terraria players. It’s incredibly punishing, with a host of changes to enemy health and behavior.

Master Mode takes almost all the changes that Expert Mode adds to Terraria and increases them further. In Master Mode, for example:

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  • Enemies have more than three times as much health, deal three times as much damage, and receive little to no knockback
  • Enemies and bosses have better AI and more difficult attack patterns
  • Enemies drop more loot
  • Enemies inflict additional debuffs
  • Most debuffs last 250% longer
  • Enemies pick up coins and money
  • Players drop all their coins on death
  • Players gain an additional accessory slot

However, despite the huge step up in difficulty, there are advantages to playing Master Mode. For one, the drop rate of items has massively increased. For example, bosses will now always drop their relic upon death and have a 25% chance to drop their respective pet, light pet, or mount.

Master Mode can be selected when you create a world in Terraria. You do not need to have completed an Expert Mode run to unlock the mode. Enjoy your maximum difficulty Terraria!

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