From the creators of Monster Train comes Inkbound, a new RPG full of character and charm. You will be able to craft powerful character builds as you take on an unknown force that is unbinding stories and their worlds. Here is everything we know about Inkbound.

What is the release date of Inkbound?

Inkbound has an early access release date of 2023 on Steam, and sign-ups for the beta are currently ongoing. You can wishlist Inkbound on Steam now and follow the official Inkbound Twitter account for future updates and information.

How to sign up for the Inkbound beta

To sign up for the Inkbound beta, simply head to the official Inkbound website. Here, you can enter your email and register for the beta. Make sure to activate the link sent to your email. Those who participate in the beta will receive a free exclusive space cat hat.

Is Inkbound a roguelike?

Inkbound is a roguelike game where you create various character builds as you explore procedurally generated worlds. Using a unique turn-based active battle system, you will battle hordes of ink-based monsters. There are various classes to use and many customizations to equip. You will be able to craft your own story as you take on various challenges and progress in Inkbound. You can check out the trailer on Shiny Shoes’ YouTube channel.

Is there multiplayer?

Yes, Inkbound features multiplayer. Inkbound has co-op of up to three players. This means you and your friends can experience the delightful world of Inkbound and create a story together.

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