Animal Crossing: New Horizons shocked fans during its October 2021 Direct when Nintendo announced that the game would be receiving paid DLC just a few weeks after the presentation. Animal Crossing: Happy Home Paradise launches on November 5, 2021, but what do players get with the new expansion?

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The Happy Home Paradise DLC comes with a variety of new activities and features. Check out the list of all the new content coming to the game below!

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Paradise Planning

Image via Nintendo
  • Help villagers get their dream vacation homes, catering an experience to their wants and needs with this resort developer.
  • Players can select which island in an archipelago to create these new cavation homes, each with unique features that set it apart from the others.

Interior Design

Image via Nintendo
  • Decorate and coordinate the perfect house for each villager with a variety of furniture and appliances based on their requests.
  • Place designated design pieces before adding your own personal touches to the home.
  • Adjust the size of the inside of homes by modifying with length and width and lighting for more varied design options.
  • Use Partition Walls to divide the home into rooms.
  • Place counters
  • Add Pillars to support the ceiling
  • Polish furniture to add certain effects to the materials

Outside Design

Image via Nintendo
  • Place furniture and build an outside display using foliage, fencing, paths, and home design.
  • Change housing location to create the perfect island vacation home.


Image via Nintendo
  • Innovate on home atmosphere with soundtracks that mimic the outside world.

Poki Currency

Image via Nintendo
  • Get paid for your efforts! Use this currency doled out for designing to purchase rare furniture and items that may be difficult to find otherwise.
  • Take these items back to your personal items!


Image via Nintendo
  • Suggest improving completed vacation homes once more furniture is available.
  • Recommend certain residents share a property with the new roommate system.

Renovate Vacation Island Building

Image via Nintendo
  • Design Schools, restaurants, hospitals, and more!
  • Watch the other island residents use these facilities as intended.

Happy Home Network App

Image via Nintendo
  • Connect with previous clients and see how their island getaways are going.
  • Share your designs online and follow other designers whose designs you enjoy.

Amiibo Functionality

Image via Nintendo
  • Use amiibo cards to suggest clients for these island getaways.

Design Techniques

Image via Nintendo
  • Crafting methods learned via Happy Home Paradise carry over to your home island, and can be used to spruce up your decor.
  • This includes partition walls, counters, pillars, lighting, soundscapes, and polishing.
  • Invite residents to the archipelago for a visit and design a home for them.
  • Remodel your resdients’ homes after mastering your craft.

Players can grab the Happy Home Paradise DLC for $24.99 when it launches on November 5, and subscribers to the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack can enjoy this content free of charge! A yearly membership to the upgraded Nintendo Switch Online service costs $49.99 yearly and comes with access to a growing catalog of Nintendo and Sega classics.

For more information on the fall update, be sure to check out the Nintendo Direct! We’ve included a link down below!

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