With the 17.40 patch for Fortnite in August 2021, we were introduced to a new game mode on the selection screen called Impostors. Upon playing it, many players will instantly recognize this game as a different version of Among Us, a well-known game in which players must complete tasks and avoid being hunted down by the Imposter in a match.

Fortnite’s Imposters game-mode plays with the same basic outline, albeit as a three-dimensional game rather than a two-dimensional sidescroller. In the guide below, we provide a quick rundown of how the game works.

First, there are two ways to win in Imposters, and which one you must follow depends entirely on who you are randomly chosen to be when the game starts: Imposter or Agent. This is the most crucial factor if you’re trying to figure out what you need to do in a match.

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If you’re an Imposter, your goal is to discretely eliminate the other players, avoiding detection so as to not be voted off in emergency meetings. If you’re an agent, your goal is to complete tasks you’re randomly assigned while avoiding being eliminated by the Imposters. These two classifications of players are similar to the Imposter and Crewmate player types in Among Us.

Imposters made it way to Fortnite as a more spruced up version of The Spy Within, which is the first variation of Among Us to make it to the Fortnite Creative Map system. While The Spy Within maps were featured on the game-mode selection screen, they were never an official game mode provided by the Fortnite developers. With the improved game play and better communication process, Imposters is a major improvement from The Spy Within.

That about covers what Imposters Mode is in Fortnite. Happy hunting, Imposters!

If you would like some help to figure out how to play Imposters Mode, be sure to check out our guide on How to Play Imposters Mode in Fortnite!

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