Supermassive Games, the creators behind an eight-part series known as The Dark Pictures Anthology, have recently released their much anticipated third installment, House of Ashes. This third game follows the first two titles in the series, Man of Medan and Little Hope.

The creators have determined to make each of these games based on actual events and stories. For example, Man of Medan is based on the legend of the Ourang Medan ghost ship, while Little Hope is based on the 1692 Andover Witch Trials. Drawing information and inspiration from these events and stories has created an extra element of fear for players.

But when it comes to the new House of Ashes, Supermassive decided to move away from ghosts and the supernatural. This time around, they are relying on solitary exploration and monsters to bring the scares.

Based on Ancient History

Image via Supermassive Games

House of Ashes is based on the historical figure Naram-Sin, an ancient Mesopotamian king cursed by the gods and his kingdom of Akkad. A Mesopotamian myth describes Naram-Sin disrespecting one of the gods by plundering his temple, so the god brought about famine, drought, and disease upon Naram-Sin’s kingdom. To save the rest of the kingdom, the other gods decided to destroy Akkad as a sacrifice to appease the angry god. 

In the game, players will explore a buried Akkadian temple to discover the history and the dark secrets that lie underneath the sand.

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Other Inspirations

Besides this main backstory, Supermassive also pulled other inspirations for House of Ashes. Films like Alien, Predator, and The Descent all played a part in creating that sense of uncertainty and loneliness while also being hunted by a monster in a buried temple. Furthermore, you could even draw a little inspiration from The Mummy in the game since a team of people is forced to explore it. 

Players can expect plenty of suspense and scare in this addition to the Dark Pictures Anthology. If you are already a fan, five more games are expected to be released from this series in the coming years.

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