Since Minecraft patch 1.15, Bees and Beehives have been in the game, producing Honey and honeycomb, and stinging anyone who harvests it. But what is Honey used for in Minecraft? Why even set up a honey farm in the game?

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Honey has many uses in Minecraft, depending on its form. In its bottled form, Honey fills your hunger gauge and removes the poison condition. A single bottle of Honey in Minecraft restores six hunger (three bars).

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If you have been poisoned, but a Cave Spider, Puffer Fish, Bee, Suspicious Stew, or Poison Potion, consuming a Honey Bottle will remove that effect. As it will also fill your hunger gauge, it may be helpful in healing as well.

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Honey Blocks

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But beyond this, you can use Honey in its Block form as a crafting component. Honey Blocks are sticky and work similarly to Slime Blocks. When pushed by a piston, a Honey Block will try and move any adjacent blocks with it.

The stickiness also slows down enemies and mobs. Enemies touching Honey Blocks will fall slower and not take fall damage. If you fall and land on a Honey Block, you’ll only take 80% of the fall damage you’d expect. Enemy mobs avoid walking on honey blocks, so they can be used to discourage movement without walls.

These properties make Honey incredibly useful for both healing and building applications. Unfortunately, Honey is an underutilized material in Minecraft, but now you know some more details about it, perhaps you can use it in your next build!

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