This relatively new skill has puzzled a lot of players in Archero. So, we’re going to take a quick look at what Heroic Fightback does, and if you should be getting it in the game! Keep in mind that this skill is only available in Hero Adventure, which is the endless mode that you can keep going through until you finally perish!

Here’s the official in-game description of Heroic Fightback in Archero:

Once the hero falls, huge amounts of damage is dealt to all enemies.

This skill is exactly how it sounds! When your character dies, you will dish out quite a bit of damage to the room of enemies. In endless mode, you get three chances before your run is over. You start off with one hero, and once it has been downed you’ll get to choose a second, and then a third when the second goes down. So, when your hero is downed, you will deal a bunch of damage to the room. This isn’t usually going to be an impressive amount of damage, but it should do enough to take out any small or damage monsters. The higher level you are, however, the less likely it is to do much to enemies.

This skill really isn’t that great, because you will usually want just about anything else that buffs up your character than than relying on something when you die. You are only going to get use out of this twice, because the third time you perish you won’t get back into the game.

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