Hell Pie is a 3D platformer developed by Sluggerfly and published by Headup. Give Satan’s minions hell as you swing, jump, run, and fight your way through Hell, learning new moves and attacks as you progress. Here is everything we know about Hell Pie.

Everything we know about Hell Pie

Hell Pie features obscene humor that takes bad taste to the next level. You play as Nate, a demon tasked with collecting gross ingredients for Satan’s birthday pie. In Hell Pie, you’ll explore various worlds as you seek out these ingredients.

What is the release date of Hell Pie?

Hell Pie is rearing its ugly demonic head on July 21, 2022. You can follow the official Sluggerfly Twitter for more information and updates. You can also wishlist Hell Pie on Steam now and download the demo.

What platforms will Hell Pie be on?

Hell Pie will release on multiple platforms. You can find the platforms where you can play Hell Pie below.

  • PC
  • Nintendo Switch

Is Hell Pie a 3D platformer?

Hell Pie is a 3D platformer starring the buddy duo of the demon, Nate, and his pet angel, Nugget. Together, you will swing and fight your way through four large worlds full of challenging platforming levels and things to collect. Be wary of enemies and characters you meet on the way—they are not only disgusting, but also dangerous.

Hell Pie Trailer

Hell Pie was featured during the Guerrilla Collective 3.5 stream during the Summer of Gaming 2022. You can find the trailer on the official Sluggerfly YouTube channel.

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