MultiVersus is a platform fighter with lots of nuances. Buffs, debuffs, armor, and more can influence a fight. One buff that can be incredibly useful is Gray Health. This may leave you wondering what Gray Health is and how it works in MultiVersus.

What does Gray Health do in MultiVersus?

Gray Health in MultiVersus works like temporary hit points. When an attack strikes you, some of that damage will be absorbed by Gray Health, destroying it. This means that if you have 10 Gray Health, the next attack that hits you will be reduced by that 10 Gray Health before the rest of the damage is inflicted on your actual health.

How to get Gray Health In MultiVersus

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Certain characters, like Velma and Iron Giant, have attacks that can generate Gray Health for them and their teammate. This typically requires more work than simply inputting the move. For instance, Velma’s Fast Thinker move grants Gray Health if she picks up an ally during the attack. Gray Health is a great way to extend your team’s survivability. You can see your Gray Health next to your regular health.

Other characters can also grant Gray Health, and some perks can give the ability for Gray Health or increase the amount given. Support characters who can generate Gray Health are great partners and can be powerful builds.

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