Chocobo Gp features a lot of content and ways for players to experience it. This includes characters, races, currency, and more. As for currency, there are three different types, including Gil. You might be wondering what Gil is and how to get it.

Gils is an in-game currency in Chocobo GP. It is used to purchase characters, skins, vehicles, wallpapers, and more. Gil is primarily used to customize the look of your racers, their vehicles, backgrounds, and purchase characters.

How to get Gil in Chocobo GP

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You can get Gil in Chocobo GP in a few different ways. If you purchase either the Premium Prize Pass or the regular Prize Pass, you can earn Gil by leveling. You can also complete daily and weekly challenges in the online Chocobo GP knock-out game mode.

Earning Gil will be a slow process outside of the Prize Pass. If you are looking to collect a lot of Gil, you will want to invest in either of the Prize Packs and complete all of the daily and weekly challenges.

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