Praey for the Gods is an open-world game filled with giant bosses the player must defeat. They must climb on top of the creatures and find their weak spots to kill them. As the boss fights are the game’s highlight, the player may want to replay these boss battles. This is Echo Mode.

Echo Mode in Praey for the Gods allows the player to rematch bosses. They can find a monument with what appears to be a nail symbol cut out. This stone is not far from where the player appears after defeating a boss. It can be seen from the platform jutting out of the plateau.

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The player can select which boss they want to battle again by interacting with the stone. This is perfect for reliving an epic battle against your favorite boss or trying to beat your previous time. There is also an achievement for defeating a boss in Echo Mode.

Echo Mode does not affect your game, so any supplies you use in Echo Mode will not be used once you finish. This is an excellent way to improve your skills in Praey for the Gods!

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