If you are wondering what the currently Active Elemental Burn is in Destiny 2, you will need to click on the Vanguard Strike playlist or whatever mission the modifier is on. 

Clicking on the mission or playlist presents you with the launch option and displays the current Active Elemental Burn, as shown below. 

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The icons above will indicate what the current Active Elemental Burn is, and these icons vary between the following

  • Solar Singe
  • Void Singe
  • Arc Singe

Weekly Strike Challenges will often mention Active Elemental Burn and ask players to complete it by using the same Subclass element as the currently Active Elemental Burn.

So, to complete the challenge, go to your Subclasses, and change the class to match the currently Active Elemental Burn. You can change your Subclass by going to your character menu and clicking one of the icons marked below.

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Doing so will allow you to match your Subclass with the currently Active Element Burn. Here’s a list of which class to match with each Element Burn:

  • Solar Singe + Solar Class
  • Void Singe + Void Class
  • Arc Singe + Arc Class

Matching your Subclass with the Active Elemental Burn will also net you increased damage for that element. The damage increase applies to all sources, which means weapons, abilities, and grenades will receive the boost.

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