Crusader Kings 3 can be a confusing game with numerous stats and figures tied to your small nation and court. Cultural Acceptance is just one of these stats, and it’s gained increased significance due to the release of the Royal Court expansion.

Cultural Acceptance is precisely what it says on the tin: It’s how accepted a particular Culture is within your realm. Each Culture will have its own Cultural Acceptance value, which will change due to several factors.

But most importantly, you’ll need to increase your Cultural Acceptance to create a Hybrid Culture. In fact, the first step to creating a Hybrid Culture is to increase your Cultural Acceptance within the Culture you want to hybridize with.

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How to increase Cultural Acceptance

There are multiple ways to increase Cultural Acceptance within your realm. Below we’ve listed some of the common ones:

  • Have Vassals of the Culture you want to raise Cultural Acceptance
  • Marry members of that Culture
  • Share a border with that Culture
  • Avoid wars with that Culture
  • Learn the primary language of that Culture
  • Instruct your Steward to increase the Acceptance value

There are other ways and certain missions that will help you increase Cultural Acceptance, but these are the main ones. Additionally, adopting artifacts from other Cultures will help Cultural Acceptance. In general, if an action has a positive diplomatic effect, it’s likely it will increase Cultural Acceptance within your realm.

Once you’ve increased Cultural Acceptance enough, you’ll be able to hybridize your Culture and create a Hybrid Culture.

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