MiHoYo is always looking for ways to add new layers of difficulty to Genshin Impact. Many harder enemies are first tested out in the Spiral Abyss and then eventually make their way into Teyvat itself. Corrosion was an Abyss-only status effect that is now appearing more and more in events and boss battles.

Corrosion can be applied to your team by Rifthounds and by the Golden Wolflord boss. This effect can easily wipe out an entire team with little effort. As long as the enemy who is causing the effect is alive, corrosion will continually happen without any relief to your team.

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Here’s what you need to know about corrosion:

  • It drains the entire parties health, this occurs every second that you are in combat.
  • It will only stop affecting off-field character when their health drops below 15 percent.
  • Using shields does not stop the effects of corrosion.

There are currently no anti-corrosion potions, and even a well-built Zhongli can’t stop corrosion from happening. The only counter is to have a healer on your team, such as Kokomi, Barbara, or Qiqi. These characters all have moves that can provide constant healing; this will ensure that your on-field character stays alive.

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