Coral Island is a farming simulator by developer Stairway Games and publisher Humble Games. It takes the farming simulator genre and places the player on a tropical island, lush with activities, wildlife, and residents. Coral Island will offer a cozy experience that will be familiar to anyone who has placed a farming sim.

Everything we know about Coral Island

Coral Island takes inspiration from classic and modern farming simulators while also applying its own aesthetics and choices. You leave the bustling life of the city behind and embark on a new life on Coral Island. Build up your farm, explore Starlet Town, and indulge in various activities on the island.

What is the release date for Coral Island?

Coral Island is scheduled to release on October 11, 2023. It will release in early access on Steam and receive updates until full release. Coral Island is for other platforms but will be on PC, to begin with. You can follow the official Coral Island Twitter for more information.

What platforms will Coral Island be on?

While Coral Island’s early access is launching on Steam, it will come to additional platforms at a later date. Here is where you can play Coral Island.

  • PC
  • Nintendo Switch
  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox One

Is Coral Island a farming simulator?

Coral Island is a farming simulator through and through. It takes inspiration from farming sims of old, like Harvest Moon, and modern ones as well, such as Stardew Valley. You can run your farm as you see fit, designing it and planting what crops you wish. You can also raise livestock and turn your farm into a ranch or a hybrid. Keep an eye on the seasons, though, as these will have different effects on your farm.

Is there fishing in Coral Island?

Coral Island takes place on an island, so it is only natural that there is fishing in the game. You will be able to find and catch numerous types of fish. These can be encountered in the sea, underwater, and inland. What types of fish you reel in will depend on where you fish, the time of day, and the season.

Coral Island Trailer

You can check out the idyllic life of Coral Island for yourself in Stairway Games’ Welcome Home trailer. You can watch the Coral Island Welcome Home trailer on the official Coral Island YouTube channel.

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