Caldera Clash first arrived with the Season 2 update of Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific. The large-scale team deathmatch is an upgraded version of the Clash game mode, which veteran players previously experienced in Verdansk. Here’s how the new mode works and how to secure a win in it.

Two teams of 48 players compete with the primary objective of eliminating the opponents. The match is set at one of the six small, pre-determined points of interest (POIs) from Caldera. The first team to reach 450 points, or the team with the highest points when the 15 minute timer ends, wins.

Players spawn in the air on their side of the map from where they can glide while parachuting to any preferred area. You can use vehicles to relocate to further distances and attack the enemy region. Furthermore, players can select their loadout at the beginning of the match or when they redeploy shortly after dying.

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Caldera Clash also incorporates buy stations, contracts, domination capture points, and other events during the session. Below are some other important features in the game mode:

  • Power-Ups – Dead enemy players often drop one of the following three special abilities that last for a limited time:
    • Double Points – Grants you double XP.
    • Speed Boost – Boosts your movement speed and tactical sprint duration.
    • Hunter – Highlights nearby enemies through obstacles, like a long-lasting Snapshot Grenade.
  • Double Point Zone – Getting kills while inside this power zone gives you double points. This event generally occurs in the final minutes of the match and the zone is marked as a green circle on the tac map.
  • Bonus Point Crates – Six crates spawn in the center of the map and opening one grants you 10 bonus points along with other rare loot items.

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