Life is relaxing for a country bear in developer Gummy Cat’s Bear and Breakfast. Their debut title takes a comical approach to the life simulator genre. Below you find everything we know about Bear and Breakfast, including release date, platforms, and more.

Everything we know about Bear and Breakfast

You play as Hank, a well-meaning bear who turns an abandoned shack into a grade-A bed and breakfast. With the help of your forest friends, your B&B will become the talk of the woods as tourists flock to this rustic location.

What is the release date for Bear and Breakfast?

Bear and Breakfast will release on July 28, 2022. You can follow the official Bear and Breakfast Twitter for more information and future updates. You can also wishlist Bear and Breakfast on Steam now.

What platforms will Bear and Breakfast be on?

Bear and Breakfast is a multiplatform release scheduled for July 28. Here are the platforms where you can play Bear and Breakfast.

  • PC(Steam)
  • Nintendo Switch

Is Bear and Breakfast a life simulator?

Bear and Breakfast is a life simulator, similar to Cat Cafe Manager but with a unique twist. You play a bear, with the help of the other forest animals, running a bed and breakfast for humans. You can build and customize the B&B of your dreams and entertain folks of all kinds. As your business grows, you will experience a story full of heartwarming moments and discover the secrets of the forest.

Bear and Breakfast Trailer

Bear and Breakfast received a release date trailer during the 2022 Day of the Devs stream. You can check out the trailer on Armor Games Studio’s YouTube channel.

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