Artificial Island 1.5 is the first update for Tower of Fantasy that brings a lot of new content. This patch will give you an island area to explore, complete missions, build your own home, fight enemies, and much more. It’s a lot, and we didn’t even mention the new dangerous dragon boss! To unlock the new island you need to complete Chapter 2 and be at a higher level than 55. But first things first, when can we expect Artificial Island 1.5 update to be live?

What is the release date for Artificial Island 1.5 in Tower of Fantasy?

The official Artificial Island 1.5 update release date is September 15, 2022. Game developers are very active as they try to give players new things to do. Besides Artificial Island, you can soon expect Vera expansion for Tower of Fantasy. It seems that introducing new content on such short notice comes from an idea to give players of the global version things that already exist in the Chinese ToF version.

What’s new in Artificial Island 1.5 in Tower of Fantasy?

There are a lot of things to unpack, so here are the essential things that Artificial Island 1.5 update is bringing to Tower of Fantasy:

Artificial Island Home system in Tower of Fantasy

  • This patch will make life easier for your Wanderer, as you can now build a home. There are a lot of house designs to select from so you can create unique accommodation. Now you’ll no longer be just Wanderer, as you’ll have a place to stay! You can take much-deserved rest there as there is a lot of stuff to do, areas to explore, and enemies to fight.
  • To unlock the Home System in Tower of Fantasy, you need to find 10 Developer Logs, be level 60, and have an exploration of 840 in the zone.

Interdimensional Frostfire Dragon in Tower of Fantasy

  • If you are looking for a challenging boss fight, ToF Artificial Island has you covered! Enter Interdimensional Frostfire Dragon, who will test your skills. If you succeed, you’ll enjoy some great rewards, so start preparing for the clash of that robot dragon (or is it wyvern?) monster.

Simulacrum Claudia introduces in Tower of Fantasy Artificial Island

  • Claudia is coming to the global version of Tower of Fantasy, but she’s not new to this game. She’s already in the Chinese version, so we know she’s an offense-oriented character. Her weapon is the Guren Blade which has DPS resonance and a physical element type of damage.

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