Anxious is the first phase or level-one variant of the Stress moodle in Project Zomboid. You will get Anxious when put into stressful situations, such as being surrounded by hordes of Zombies. Other reasons you might have the Anxious Stress moodle are the following:

  • A zombie Bit you recently, and you are infected.
  • You are near hordes of Zombies and were just in combat.
  • You haven’t smoked cigarettes and have the Smoker trait.
  • You are covered in blood and have the hemophobic trait.

If you ever see Anixous appearing on your character, it’s probably due to one of the reasons listed above. However, if you were recently bitten and the Anxious moodle appeared soon after, there’s a high chance you are infected. In this case, you cannot do much beyond waiting for the inventible death of your character. In other cases, you can help eliminate the Anxious moodle by doing certain activities that lower your stress level.

How to cure Anxious in Project Zomboid

To cure the Anxious moodle, you must lower your stress level by relaxing and doing activities such as reading books and watching TV. Washing your clothes is also a great way to lower Stress, as having blood on your clothes all the time can quickly increase your stress level. This is especially the case if you have the Hemophobic trait.

Other methods for lowing stress include smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, and eating comfort food such as ice cream. Staying out of combat and away from zombies will also do wonders to lower Stress. In short, your character will get panicked and stressed easily when near zombies when you’re first starting out. However, as days pass, your character will become desensitized to the zombies the longer you survive.

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