Dislyte is a turn-based RPG in which you pull Espers through a gacha system. These characters will then create your squads, and you will use these against enemies in PvE and PvP. Each character has its own set of stats, including ACC. ACC stands for “Accuracy,” but that does not mean it determines whether your attack hits or misses. This may leave you wondering what ACC does in Disltye.

Dislyte ACC guide

Your Esper’s ACC will determine whether or not they are successful in applying a debuff to opposing Esper’s and enemies. Having higher ACC will increase the odds that you debuff your enemies, while lower ACC is unlikely to apply the debuff. Debuffs go a long way toward defeating your opponent, so it is a worthwhile stat to invest in. Note that your ACC will go against the opponent’s RESIST. These two numbers will determine whether your Esper successfully applies the debuff, so be sure to consider this when building up your ACC.

How to increase ACC

Many Espers have abilities that increase ACC or decrease the opponent’s RESIST. If you are using a debuff-heavy squad, you will want to invest in ACC. Another way to increase this stat is to equip Relic sets that increase this.

What is RESIST in Dislyte?

RESIST is another stat in Dislyte and one that goes directly against ACC. This stat stands for Resistance and determines whether your Esper suffers a debuff. Increasing this stat will make it less likely your opponent’s debuffs will stick to your characters.

How to increase RESIST

You can increase RESIST through Esper abilities or equipping Relic sets. If you are facing a debuff-heavy team, you will want to invest in this stat. Otherwise, your team will be crippled and possibly not be able to act on their turn.

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