There are many subcultures and fashion styles that are popular on Roblox, which comes as no surprise with the degree of freedom players have with character customization. One of those styles is Slender. What does that mean?

Body Types in Roblox

Roblox characters can come in different sizes. Your character could be short and wide, tall and skinny, small and thin, tall and big, or even more curvaceous. There are many combinations of how a Roblox player can choose to present themselves through their avatar. Combined with fashion choices, players can easily create an aesthetic image for themselves, like preppy, anime-inspired, etc.

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Slender Types

Slenders are a type of Roblox avatar aesthetic. The style is focused on tall and thin bodies, which is partially where the name comes from. The fashion of Slender types is heavily inspired by punk and e-boy fashion, featuring dark colors, wild hair, and edgy accessories. Some have also credited the name of Slender to come from Slenderman, a fictional creature who is thin/tall and wears a dark suit.

Many players notice that Slender types may behave in ways that are not focused solely on gaming. They may be mean or troll types. They may also be on Roblox for the reason of online dating, a type of player called an ODer. Not all Slender players are mean or looking for romance, as the style has become more common over time.

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