Lost Ark is one of the most popular free-to-play titles on Steam, and for a good reason. This isometric MMO lets players take control of multiple classes to battle hordes of monsters in PvE and players in PvP. Like most MMOs, players can add friends to join them in their struggle. While users player face the trials of Lost Ark alone, adding friends is an option. Friends lists split into two categories: there are Friends and Roster friends in Lost Ark. But what sets them apart?

What’s the difference between Friends and Roster Friends in Lost Ark?

Friends in Lost Ark only apply to the character added. Adding someone as a friend allows users to connect with a specific character in Lost Ark. Still, if that player logs onto another character, users won’t be able to communicate with that friend without adding their alternate character, which is an unneeded hassle. Adding someone as a Roster Friend tags their entire account as a Friend, regardless of which character they’re playing on.

When to add someone as a Roster Friend in Lost Ark

If you play with someone you know who has multiple characters, adding them as a Roster Friend makes connecting with them much more manageable. Lost Ark will inform you when a Roster Friend gets on one of their multiple characters, and you won’t need to keep track of which characters they’re using. With numerous class types and playstyles in Lost Ark, it’s likely that many of the users you know have other characters they use regularly. Check in with members of your friend list and see if they’ve got multiple characters. You’ll want to add them as Roster Friends if they do.

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