Halo Infinite’s multiplayer features numerous ways to have fun. There are various game modes, maps, and weapons to get your hands on. Using a combination of these and your skills will earn you different medals throughout a match. One such medal that is difficult to earn is the Quigley medal. You might be wondering what this medal is and how to get it in Halo Infinite.

The Quigley medal is when you kill two or more enemies in the multiplayer with a single shot from the S7 Sniper Rifle. This is very difficult because you not only have to line up your shot perfectly, but you also must have two or more enemies close enough to hit both and kill them.

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There is no easy way to earn the Quigley medal, really. Your best bet is to play with friends and coordinate to get this. Make sure you grab the sniper rifle, or else you can’t get the medal. Have your friends weaken two enemies and push them in the same direction. If things work out, you might have a shot at a Quigley.

We wish you the best of luck getting this medal because it is quite challenging. You will need some serious skill to pull this off—or a healthy dose of luck.

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