Final Fantasy XIV is a massive game with millions of players. Trying to keep track of and talk to your friends in this MMO can be difficult if you’re not in a Free Company or Party together. Thankfully, some Linshells make speaking amongst groups of friends easier. Make sure you know how to manage this system for accessible communication.

Linkshells are chat channels that allow players to communicate without being in a Free Company or Party. Linkshells are a great way to keep in contact with a group of players you enjoy talking to in Final Fantasy XIV. Linkshells do have a few restrictions, however, so be mindful of the following:

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  • Players can only join up to eight Linkshells at one time.
  • Linkshells can hold up to 128 players.
  • Linkshell names can contain letters and numbers, but must be 31 characters or lower.

Players can create Linkshells by grabbing the linkshell player item from the following NPCs

NPCLocaleCity State
A’shakkalDrowning WenchLimsa Lominsa
SesebaruThe QuicksandUl’dah
EmoniCarline CanopyGridania
Info via Final Fantasy XIV Wiki

You’ll need to name your Linkshell, pick a crest, and some Linkshell colors to finalize the creation process. Once you’ve made the Linkshell, equip your new Linkpearl and recruit those you’d like to talk to at any point.

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