An elite gem is a rare item drop that players can get when it is required to make Bifrost Dust for quests in the game. You can get elite gems from slaying a loot goblin called Tanvyn The Goblin

To find loot goblins, you will need to search the Smokey Highlands as they more often than not spawn in that region. 

They may also have a chance to spawn in other regions, be we encountered them the most within the Smokey highlands. You may also be able to get the elite gems from other sources, but this is not confirmed yet.

Once you have the gem, you will then need to locate a sorcerer NPC that can turn it into the dust you need to complete the quest in the game. 

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So if you don’t know already, you can find these sorcerers by locating their special-shaped rune icon on the map. If you don’t know what this icon looks like, view the map legend on the right of the main map when it is opened.

You may also need to locate multiple of these merchants before you can find one that will let you turn the gem into the dust you need. 

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