After you’ve opened the locked door at the Nova Corp. station, The Rock, in Chapter 5 of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, your team can find a door in the next hall that leads to a room of cells, with all of them empty but one. Inside the cell is a Nova Corp. prisoner that will beg you to set him free. If you choose to leave him, there will be no repercussions except for him staying in his cell.

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If you choose to activate the lever to “free him”, however, he will be lowered and moved to a room that you’ll find up ahead, where he will be lowered once again. Later in your quest to escape The Rock, you’ll spot him outside of a window floating through space in his cell.

Not much else comes from the Prisoner (that we’ve discovered) except that you can see him floating in space from the Milano’s windows in later chapters of the game.

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