Breakwaters is Soaring Pixels Games’ action-adventure survival game. Players will have to tame the waters of the ocean and explore the islands that dot it. One part of surviving is fighting off death, but sooner or later you will likely find yourself dying. You might be wondering what happens when you die in Breakwaters.

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When you die in Breakwaters you will respawn at your spawn point. This can vary depending on which seed you are playing and where your spawn location is. Figuring out and marking this location is a good idea as it will make it easier to get back to the spot where you died and just help with directions in general.

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While you drop all of the items in your inventory, they will be next to you when you respawn. Picking up them isn’t exactly easy though. The tides can and will take your items out to sea. So you will need to be quick when picking them up.

Other than that, there isn’t really any consequence to dying. You do not lose any of your skill levels. You also respawn with full health, thirst, and hunger. You even respawn still holding whatever equipment you were carrying in your hands.

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