The guardians will split up during Chapter 6 of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy while on Knowhere. As Quil, the player will eventually make it to a lottery ticket announcer. Players will be asked if they want to spend 1,000 units on a lottery ticket that might win them 5 million units.

They’re told that they can find out if they won when they return to Knowhere. When the player returns to Knowhere, there is no lottery ticket person. Instead, players will realize that they essentially spent 1,000 units to get a collectible.

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You should get the collectible at least once but only if you have a lot of units to spare.

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The ticket seller will tell players that they can only buy one ticket per person even if they try to buy another or get a refund.

Players should not trust speaking heads with their claims of millions of units, they lie.

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