Fighting games have always been about the competitive aspect of the genre and, thus, feature a list of skills and knowledge you need to master. This not includes your character and their skillset but also terms and positioning. This may leave you wondering what neutral means in fighting games.

What does Neutral mean in fighting games?

Neutral defines when you and your opponent are in a neutral position, meaning neither has an advantage over the other. This typically means that there is enough space between you and your opponent so that either player can be placed in a disadvantageous position. The start of the match is a neutral position. You can also reset to neutral when one player in a disadvantageous position forces the player in the advantageous position back.

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This takes on a different meaning in platform fighters like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and MultiVersus. Neutral refers to the spacing between opponents and if both players are in the center of the stage. Being near the edge of the stage or offstage would be a disadvantageous position, and resetting this would force your way back to center stage.

You want to be in an advantageous or neutral position rather than a disadvantageous one. This will either let you push the offensive or interrupt your opponent’s combo and pressure. When you find yourself in a disadvantageous position, you will want to interrupt your opponent and reset neutral to press an attack of your own.

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