The pawnshop serves as a store where players can buy brand new hacks and sell ones they don’t wish to use anymore to earn some easy money in Glitchpunk. Players can find the pawnshop via two crates with a rotating arrows icon, as shown below.

Walking up to the pawnshop will open a menu with two options, one to buy and one to sell modules. We highly recommend that players check pawnshops occasionally, as they might have new items available for purchase.

But it’s worth noting that most if not all of these modules will be a bit pricy, so they will need to earn some money in the game. To earn money in Glitchpunk, players have a few options.

The first and main method is to accept contracts in the game. Contracts are missions that are offered by one of the various factions in the game.

To accept a contract, the player must locate a phone icon in one of the various spots on the map and walk-up, and hit E on it.

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Doing so will present a menu option where the player can accept missions from a list. Accept the mission and complete it to earn money for modules.

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