The lure is one of many enchantments in Minecraft, but what lure does involves fishing poles. 

In short, the lure enchantment will both increase the bite rate for the player’s fishing pole and decreases the time it takes for items/fish to appear on the hook by five seconds per enchantment level. 

Because of this, the enchantment is best used with luck of the sea, as that enchantment will help increase the chances of treasure items to appear on fishing hooks, which can be useful for getting enchantment books. However, you will need to either loot dungeon chests, use the fishing pole method, or farm the enchantment table if you want the lure enchantment. 

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Overall, your best method for getting the lure enchantment would be either the fishing pole or the enchantment table options. For the fishing pole, you’ll need to first get one and fish at water sources, but it won’t be very productive without the luck of the sea enchantment. 

Because of that, you will have to use the enchantment table option, which will require you to make books, an enchantment table, and gain a whole lot of experience points. 

Along with all of that, it might also be worth creating a few bookcase blocks, 15 in total, to increase the level of enchantments you can get.

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