To rebuild and get the farm, you will need to gather the following resources up and donate them to the farm worksite in Tribes of Midgard.

  • 12 Wooden Boards
  • 9 Cut Stone
  • 6 Wrought Iron
  • 600 Souls

What does the farm do in Tribes of Midgard?

The farm is one of the three worksites that are in Tribes of Midgard. When the player rebuilds these structures, they will provide resource shipments every 10 minutes. If the player rebuilds the farm, they will get a shipment of the following resources in the game.

  • 35 Leather
  • 35 Yarn
  • 8 Oiled Leather
  • 8 Spun Yarn
  • 2 Mushroom Oil
  • 2 Red Meat
  • One Rusty shovel

Because of this, we highly recommend getting the farm built fast as possible, but you should always build the farm last and focus on both the lumberyard and the quarry first.

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The reason being is those two will give the best and most useful resources in the long term, and overall they are just so helpful and you immensely in the later and early portions of the game. The most considerable help is that these worksites will help lessen the grind for resources.

Each worksite will also cost the same amount of resources and, once built, will not need any upgrading to be effective. 

That said, we recommend checking the chart below for a handy guide of where to get all of the resources you need for the farm and other worksites. 

Resources needed for the FarmHow to Get
12 Wooden BoardsYou can craft this resource over at the Tinker NPC at a cost of 6 wood and 4 branches.
6 Wrought IronYou can craft this resource over at the Tinker NPC at a cost of 7 ore and ten iron.
9 Cut Stone BlocksYou can craft this resource over at the Tinker NPC at a cost of 8 stone and six flint
SoulsTo get Souls in Tribes of Midgard, you will need to farm resources, clear camps and loot treasure chests, and slay Jotuns.

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