Slap Battles is a silly PVP game on Roblox and, funnily enough, a great game to make new friends. It is full of chaos and laughs as players participate in an all-out battle with various giant slapping gloves. These gloves each have unique abilities that can send your opponents flying out of the atmosphere or turn them into a rock. Each slap you can get will allow you to purchase more gloves and work your way up to the more potent varieties. Some gloves are so bizarre that it may take a few tries to figure out how to utilize them correctly, such as the Anchor Glove.

What is the Anchor Glove in Slap Battles?

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The Anchor Glove has a unique slapping Ability called Dock, in which an anchor is placed in your spot upon activation. No one but you will be able to see this Anchor. When you slap a player, they will be thrown toward your anchored location each time. The glove itself also has a Power level of 60 and a Speed of 16, allowing it to be effective with every hit along with its tricky Ability.

To place the Anchor, press the Ability button E on your keyboard. Since players will be thrown toward the Anchor, you will want to place it in calculated spots, such as near the edge of the map or another object that will send them spiraling out of control. Then, stand facing your Anchor and attempt to hit players approaching you.

How do you get the Anchor Glove in Slap Battles?

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You can find the Anchored Glove between the Pusher and Space Gloves in the game lobby. It requires you to have a total of 1,350 Slaps compiled to unlock it. You can earn Slaps more quickly by joining competitions to win 100 Slaps or by purchasing some in the Shop menu with Robux. Once you have enough Slaps, ensure you equip the glove by clicking on it before entering the arena each time. You can press E to use your Dock Ability, but it will require a brief cooldown before the following use.

Although the glove’s Ability may seem tame compared to some, this glove is well worth acquiring when you can. Its Power and Speed surpass even some of the more expensive gloves, despite still being one of the earlier options. If you manage to set up the Anchor in a precise spot, it can be fatal and allow you to be victorious in most of your encounters with opposing players.

Let us know what you think of the Anchor Glove in the comments below and if you have managed to obtain it yet!

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