Halo Infinite’s multiplayer is a blast, featuring fast-paced arena-style combat. There are multiple modes, maps, weapons, and of course, medals. Medals are a great way to see how you performed in a match. However, one medal that is harder to get is the Steaktacular medal. You might be wondering what this medal means and how to get it.

The Steaktacular medal in Halo Infinite can only be gotten in multiplayer. It is when your team wins a match and outscores them by 60 percent. In other words, you need to dominate the other team to earn the Steaktacular medal. The announcer will call this medal out when you earn it, and you can view it in the post-match stats.

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This oddly named medal earns its title from a bet. Bungie employee Luke Smith bet fellow Bungie employee Frank O’Connor that he could beat him in a game of Halo. The winner was to receive a fat cow. As it turned out, Luke’s team defeated Frank’s team, 50 to 21.

So the origin behind the name comes from the meaning of owing you a steak dinner. This little bit of trivia is one way that Halo developers have interacted with the community and filled their games with jokes.

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