When players get the queasy moodle in Project Zomboid, it means that they are on the first stage of being sick in the game. If players are queasy, their health will also drain faster and faster as they progress through all four stages of being sick.

Also when health drains, it usually means that players are sick and infected with the Zombie Virus. If players are infected with the virus, it is too late, and the sickness can not be cured. Instead, they will continue to get worse and progress through all four sick moodles until you die and turn.

However, getting queasy can also mean players are sick from something else like food sickness or being around a lot of dead bodies. In these cases, players will be able to get better and cure queasy by following the method below.

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How to cure Queasy in Project Zomboid

To cure the queasy moodle in Project Zomboid, you will need to get plenty of rest and eat until they are well fed. Combine this with staying warm and indoors, and you will get rid of the queasy moodle sooner or later.

Staying warm is very important as if you get wet or cold too much, you can cause your character to get worse or even develop a cold. That said, stay warm, well-fed, and avoid being tired, and you will cure queasy.

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