Twitch has a seemingly endless supply of emotes and memes for users at its disposal. While regulars on the site may know the more popular emotes, the list of reputable memes may be overwhelming for a newcomer. One of the most popular emotes on the site is Poggers, an emote that users will surely run into if they frequent the popular streaming platform.

Poggers is an emote on Twitch that helps express excitement. Poggers shows Pepe the Frog with an excited expression similar to the original PogChamp emote. Users will spam the Poggers emote in chat when something impressive happens in-game or on-stream.

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Poggers is often enabled via the BTTV or FFZ browser extensions. If you see users spamming the term ‘POGGERS’ and you’re unable to see the emote, you might need to add these extensions to your internet browser of choice and return to chat once you’ve installed them.

You can find the Poggers emote below:

Image via Know Your Meme

For comparison, see the PogChamp that spawned the Pepe emote shown below:

Image via Know Your Meme

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