Paintball is one of several handy items in Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, allowing players the chance to obtain new eggs and increase their Monstie roster. Our guide explains how to create and then use Paintball to ensure you don’t waste any of your precious resources.

To create Paintball, you’ll need to combine Sap Plant (1) and Paintberry (1). For more information on how to find the Combine menu, check out our guide on how to combine items in Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin.

Paintball—Increases monster Retreat chance for 3 turns. Most potent on low HP monsters.

During monster battles, you can use Paintball by toggling Items during your combat turn. After applying Paintball to the monster of your choice (preferably a common monster with low health), you’ll need to defeat that monster within three turns. Doing so is likely to trigger a Retreat, which will make a monster den appear nearby. Follow the retreating monster into their den to obtain that monster’s egg.

Some monsters cannot be chased back into their den. To see which monsters you should use Paintball on, check the Monsterpedia in your Field Notes.

Note: While Paintball increases the chances of a Retreat and monster den, it does not necessarily increase your odds of obtaining a rare egg.

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