Icarus is a multiplayer survival game where players must explore and survive on a hostile planet where terraforming went wrong. Players will come down from orbit on mission-based sessions where they must complete tasks against a time crunch. You may be wondering what mission-based sessions mean.

Icarus uses mission-based sessions as one of the main foundations for its gameplay. Each mission, or prospect, has a time limit in which players must get off the planet. Should they be on the planet when the timer hits zero, they will lose all progress for that character. This is Icarus’ permadeath feature.

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Anything the player did or built in that session will also be wiped. This means buildings and other tools will not be there when they return. Each session is effectively its own instance and does not carry over into another.

As each mission has a different time limit, players should double-check this before they accept the prospect and while they are on the surface. This time limit can be days or hours. Sometimes it is better to accept that you cannot complete your mission rather than risk losing your character.

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