Mending is a special enchantment in Minecraft that, when enchanted onto an item such as weapons, tools, and armor, will repair the item with experience orbs. The enchantment will also repair items at a rate of two durability points per the amount of experience an XP orb contains. 

So, if you earn a ton of experience from whatever source, you can potentially repair your item for a good chunk of durability. That said, how do you even get this enchantment in the game? 

In short, you can get the enchantment from looting treasure chests inside dungeons, fishing with a fishing pole, during raids, and via trading. Starting with fishing, if you have a fishing pole enchanted with the luck of the sea enchantment, you will be able to farm treasure items by fishing. 

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Without this enchantment, you will only have a slight chance of getting treasure items, so you will need the luck of the sea enchantment on your fishing pole if you want to use this method. 

Luckily, you can get luck of the sea by using an enchantment table with at least 15 bookcases next to it. When you got all of that, keep rerolling enchantments, and you will eventually get it.

Moving on, you can also earn the mending enchantment as loot during raids and by trading with villagers when they have the books. To trade with villagers, all you need to do is have the required amount of emeralds and exchange them for the book. 

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