Hunting down ghosts has never been spookier than in Phasmophobia. While you can use a variety of methods to track their whereabouts, one of your options happens to be the Ouija Board. If you ask the ghost some questions while interacting with it, you will possibly get some interesting responses. One of those responses that you can get sometimes doesn’t always make a lot of sense. If you’ve gotten this odd response from a ghost, then you are obviously wondering what exactly it means!

What is Kit 6?

Kit 6 means that the ghost is in the kitchen. This appears to be some kind of bug that people are experiencing, in that the ghost is starting to write the word kitchen and then possibly transitions into their age. Based on the typical responses you get from ghosts, there shouldn’t be one that is Kit 6. So, check the kitchen if you receive it, because they will likely be in there. The game is still in early access, so it’s likely just an error that needs to be fixed in the future.

If you’re curious what this looks like, PewDiePie got the message in one of this livestreams:

The Ouija board is a risky option to track the ghost in Phasmophobia. It is one of the items that adds quite a bit of mental distress to your character, so you might find your sanity level dipping quite a bit if you decide to use it. It can be useful if you haven’t been able to locate the ghost’s location, so it should generally be used as a last resort. This also largely depends on the difficulty level you have the game set in. If it’s a higher difficulty, your stress level will be increased more easily, particularly by the Ouija board!

There’s a variety of questions you can ask the Ouija board, which you can find in our guide.

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