Have you spotted mysterious and confounding green fog or smoke in Sea of Thieves? This may seem concerning, but it’s likely one of two reasons, neither of which are cause for concern for players. Whether an aesthetic region or a new in-game item, don’t be afraid of the green fog!

Green Fog/Smoke in Sea of Thieves – Soulflame Cannon Flare

In the Sea of Thieves 2.4.2 Update, the Soulflame Cannon Flare was added into the game as part of the Pirate Emporium ship pack. The Soulflame Cannon Flare can be seen emanating a green smoke from itself that may be confusing for players who are not in the know. Players who already owned the Soulflame bundle before the update will have this new item added to their inventory automatically after the update launches.

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Green Fog in Sea of Thieves – The Wilds Territory or Sea Fort

If you are seeing a different kind of green fog in the game that is less bright and more brown-toned while you are sailing, this probably has to do with where you are. This color of fog can be seen when a player is sailing into The Wilds, as this color communicates the desolation and mystery of this haunting area. This fog is purely aesthetic and does not have any specific effects on players or their ships.

If the fog is more of a bright green and comes from a large structure floating in the water, this is likely part of a sea fort in the middle of a sea, which gives players opportunities in solo play.

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